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From Nelson Arapé <>
Subject Jelly if problem
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 16:35:29 GMT

In a maven.xml, I have the following code:

       <j:set var="idl.already.generated" value="false"/>
       <u:available file="${idl.generated}">
         <j:set var="idl.already.generated" value="true"/>

       <ant:echo message="${idl.already.generated}"/>
       <!-- the following line allways prints true-->
       <ant:echo message="${!idl.already.generated}"/> 
       <j:if test="${!idl.already.generated}">
         <ant:echo message="generating idl bindings"/>
         <!-- idl compiling goes here-->

The second echo always prints true, so maven always compile my idl's. I've 
tried a lot of severals combinations (ant:available, ${idl.already.generated 
== null}, ${idl.already.generated != null}, etc) but I can't make it work.

Somebody can help me?

Thanks in advance
Nelson Arapé

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