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From Greg Chase <>
Subject Re: [VIRTUAL] TOMORROW - Meetup for Data Scientists Tuesday 6/21 - 9AM Pacific : Zeppelin meets MADlib & HAWQ
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2016 16:52:54 GMT
This is a reminder about the virtual meeting tomorrow at 9AM Pacific
discussing running Apache Zeppelin with Apache MADlib and Apache HAWQ.
Join at this URL: <>

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 12:20 PM, Greg Chase <> wrote:

> Dear members of the Apache Zeppelin, Apache MADlib, and Apache HAWQ
> communities,
> We are hosting a cross-community virtual meeting for data science users
> this next Tuesday, June 21, 9AM Pacific.  No sign up is necessary, just
> join the event here <>.
> This meeting will also be recorded and posted.
> We'll be introducing users of Zeppelin to the capabilities of the MADlib
> SQL machine learning library.  We'll be showing users of MADlib how they
> can visualize their investigations and publish their work using the
> Zeppelin notebook.
> Agenda:
> * What is Apache Zeppelin?
> * What is Apache HAWQ (incubating) and Apache MADlib (incubating)? - 5
> min/Frank
> * Demo of Zeppelin and MADlib for data science running on HAWQ
> More about the technologies we'll be discussing:
> *Apache Zeppelin* <> is a web-based notebook
> that enables interactive data analytics. It lets you make beautiful
> data-driven, interactive and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala and
> more.  Apache Zeppelin has plugins to many database engines including
> PostgreSQL, and massively parallel processing engines based off PostgreSQL
> including Apache HAWQ and the Greenplum Database.
> *Apache MADlib (incubating) <>* is a
> big data machine learning library in SQL for data scientists. It operates
> on data locally in PostgreSQL-compatible database engines. MADlib is
> optimized for parallel processing platforms such as Apache HAWQ and the
> Greenplum Database.
> *Apache HAWQ (incubating) <>* is an
> Apache Hadoop-Native SQL query engine that operates directly on data in a
> Hadoop cluster. It provides the highest degree of SQL completeness of any
> SQL on Hadoop engine. It scales elastically, is parallel processing, and
> integrates with MADlib and Zeppelin.
> Speakers will be:
> *Moon soo Lee -  CTO, NFLabs*
> LeeMoonSoo is a creator for Apache Zeppelin (incubating) and a Co-Founder,
> CTO at NFLabs.
> *Frank McQuillan - Director of Product Management, Pivotal Software*
> Frank McQuillan focuses on analytics and machine learning for large data
> sets.
> *Rahul Iyer - R&D Manager, Pivotal Software*
> Rahul Iyer leads the development team at Pivotal Software that contributes
> to the Apache MADlib project.
> See you this next Tuesday, June 21, 9AM Pacific.  No sign up is necessary,
> just join the event here
> <>.

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