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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [madlib] fmcquillan99 commented on pull request #524: DL: TensorBoard Support
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2020 00:15:23 GMT

fmcquillan99 commented on pull request #524:

   Does not work for autoML, but maybe that is OK, maybe we do not need to support for autoML
   SELECT madlib.madlib_keras_automl('cifar_10_train_data_packed_allseg', 
                                     $${'loss': ['categorical_crossentropy'], 
                                        'optimizer_params_list': [ 
                                            {'optimizer': ['Adam'],'lr': [0.0001, 0.01, 'log']},
                                            {'optimizer': ['RMSprop'],'lr': [0.0001, 0.01,
'log'], 'decay': [1.0e-7, 1.0e-5, 'log']},
                                            {'optimizer': ['SGD'],'lr': [0.0001, 0.01, 'log'],
'momentum': [0.9, 0.99,'log_near_one']}],
                                     $${'batch_size': [128], 'epochs': [1], callbacks=[TensorBoard(log_dir="/tmp/tensorflow/scalars")]}$$,
                                     'R=9, eta=3, skip_last=0',
                                     NULL,                  -- random state
                                     NULL,                  -- object table
                                     FALSE,                 -- use GPUs
                                     'cifar_10_test_data_packed_allseg', -- validation table
                                     1,                     -- metrics compute freq
                                     NULL,                  -- name
                                     NULL);                 -- descr
   ERROR:  plpy.Error: Invalid syntax in 'fit_params_dict' (plpython.c:5038)
   CONTEXT:  Traceback (most recent call last):
     PL/Python function "madlib_keras_automl", line 23, in <module>
       schedule_loader = madlib_keras_automl_hyperband.AutoMLHyperband(**globals())
     PL/Python function "madlib_keras_automl", line 167, in __init__
     PL/Python function "madlib_keras_automl", line 216, in find_hyperband_config
     PL/Python function "madlib_keras_automl", line 42, in wrapper
     PL/Python function "madlib_keras_automl", line 307, in __init__
   PL/Python function "madlib_keras_automl"

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