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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Graduation
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2017 17:47:14 GMT

with the fifth (v1.11) release in the final stages of being cut,
I think now would be a good time to officially start our graduation
discussion. With my mentor hat on, I feel that the project is
mature and self-reliant enough to qualify as a TLP.

Process-wise graduation consists of drafting a board resolution,
getting it approved by the IPMC and finally submitting it to the ASF
board's consideration. At the very minimum your resolution will contain:
    1. A name of the project (I assume that'll be MADlib)
    2. A list of proposed PMC members
    3. A proposed PMC chair
A good example of a resolution can be found here:

In fact, Frank and I took the liberty to use that as the basis for our own:
Please read it carefully and let us know what do you think.

On #2 my suggestion would be to have an opt-in system. Basically
we will kick off the thread off on private@madlib asking current PPMC
members if they are willing to continue on the PMC.

On #3 I typically recommend podlings I mentor to setup a rotating chair
policy. This is, in no way, an ASF requirement so feel free to ignore it,
but it worked well before. The chair will be expected up for rotation every
year. It will be more that ok for the same person to self-nominate once
the year is up -- but at the same time it'll be up to the same person to
actually kick off a thread asking if anybody else is interested in serving
as a chair for the next year. Of course, if there multiple candidates there
will have to be a vote.

Speaking of self-nomination -- the same thread that we're going to kick
off as part of solving for #2 will ask for folks to self-nominate as an initial
chair to be listed on the resolution.

Unless somebody objects strongly to my #2 and #3 proposals I'm going
to kick of this thread on private@.

With that in mind, lets make the rest of the discussion on dev@ to be about
collecting the datapoints to present to IPCM as part of us asking them to
vote YES on our graduation. Lets collect all these data points in the same
wiki page:
Or if you feel that a discussion may be needed -- just reply to this thread.


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