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From Marc Jeurissen <>
Subject Tokenizer text source
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2016 14:34:13 GMT

I have a custom Analyzer and Tokenizer which I'm trying to migrate from 
Pylucene 4.10 to 6.2.

Problem is that it is no longer possible to grab the text source from 
neither the createComponents method or the Tokenizer constructor. 
Documentation says the Tokenizer has a field 'input' which contains the 
text source, but in Pylucene a Tokenizer does not seem to have a 
attribute 'input'..

Any idea how I can address the text source?

analyzer = MyAnalyzer()    -> 'createComponents' sets MyTokenizer
config = IndexWriterConfig(analyzer)
store = SimpleFSDirectory(....)
writer = IndexWriter(store, config)
doc = Document()
doc.add(Field("title", "value of testing",TextField.TYPE_NOT_STORED))
writer.addDocument(doc)     -> calls incrementToken of MyTokenizer but I 
need to grab the text source in order to create my tokens.....

Thank you

Signature Marc Jeurissen | UAntwerpen
Met vriendelijke groeten,

Marc Jeurissen

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