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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: [POLL] What should happen to PyLucene now?
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2016 21:42:16 GMT

Thank you Jan for starting this thread !

Of the nine people that responded, three were interested in a new 6.x 
release, with two offering to help make a new release happen.

A couple of others showed interest in JCC only.

Here is what I can propose:
   1. I can make sure a PyLucene can be buildt from Lucene 6.x and runs.
   2. Volunteers should then help in porting old 4.x tests, if they still
      apply, and import new tests from the current Lucene suite as they see
   3. Once everyone involved is happy with test coverage (which was never
      exhaustive and need not be), a new release can be rolled and the
      Lucene PMC put to contribution again for votes.

If any of these steps end up stalling, no new release happens and the 
PyLucene subproject gets shutdown, eventually.

As for JCC, regardless of what happens to PyLucene itself, I'd very much 
like to port it to Python 3. I've already done this once, the port is 
available in a branch [1]. It 'just' needs to be refreshed. I intend to 
eventually get to this, unless someone with a stronger itch beats me to it.



On Sat, 2 Jul 2016, Aric Coady wrote:

> [X]  I?ll help make a new release happen, if I get some help!
>> On Jul 1, 2016, at 9:35 AM, Alexander Yaworsky <>
>> Well, this bothered me (not a dev but fixed some of your bugs locally
>> long long ago, why didn't send patches is another story). Here's my
>> opinion, as a user. 1. Be in sync with lucene is a must. 2. Be in sync
>> with python is a must. Therefore,
> And +1 on staying current with lucene and python.
>>> Question: What should happen to PyLucene now?
>>> [ ]  I?m happy with the last 4.x release, no need for new releases
>>> [ ]  Please, a new 6.x release (but I can?t contribute)
>>> [ ]  I?ll help make a new release happen, if I get some help!
>>> [X]  Only care about the JCC part
>>> [X]  Close down the sub project -- IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAINTAIN
>>> [ ]  Don?t care. I?m no longer a user
>>> [X]  Other: Move JCC to P3
>> Actually, the brilliant part of this project is JCC. In a company I
>> work for we still use it to utilize Java libraries from python. This
>> is the fastest solution and this sub-project must exist separately
>> imo. We do not use Lucene since 00's btw.
>> Thanks.
>> Alexander.

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