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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release PyLucene 2.9.4-1 and 3.0.3-1 (take 2)
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2010 21:45:47 GMT

On Fri, 10 Dec 2010, Bill Janssen wrote:

> Andi Vajda <> wrote:
>> So, it's "broken on 10.6 out of the box" vs "broken on 10.5 out of the
>> box" or am I missing something else here ?
> (1) The patch I sent should work on both, out of the box.
> (2) Alternatively, if you hard-code the path as recommended by Mike
> Swingler, that should work on both (possibly requiring the additional
> download of a developer package for the headers -- but that's just part
> of installing the Java developer tools).

If I switch to Mike's recommendation then 10.6 is broken out of the box.
I don't know what developer package he's referring to. Can you please send 
me the URL ?

Yes, your patch should work on both but would it not be obsoleted by the 
next time Apple moves these headers around again and is reverted 
back to the /System value in consequence ?

I guess the crux of the issue/disagreement here is that you somehow have the 
expectation that JCC should build out of the box whereas I've always made it 
clear that the "out of the box" settings in Makefile and are only 
best guesses that need to be reviewed/edited and that any automation to make 
it build out of the box will make it harder for people to debug when said 
automation fails in obscure ways.

I really want the latest up to date Mac OS X setup to build out of the box 
and it seems that the current settings are the only way unless your 
patch get added ?


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