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From Ludovico Cavedon <>
Subject JCC on HtmlUnit
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2009 00:29:05 GMT
I tried to run JCC on HtmlUnit [1].
I managed to get it working, but I had to hack JCC code. Here are the
issues I had: I think it would be worth to fix them on the JCC codebase.

I am using the latest snapshot of JCC

* If I get an error
jcc.cpp.JavaError: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
I actually added a "print className" to understand which class was
causing the error

* org.mozilla.javascript.SecureCaller and cause a
jcc.cpp.JavaError: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
If I use --exclude it does not work either, because findClass() is
called anyway and it will trigger the exception
My workaround was by skipping the classes in the code. I could
not understand why the though that exception...

* org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptableObject defined constants like:
static int READONLY
However the file /usr/include/python2.6/structmember.h contains:
#define READONLY        1
which will replace "READONLY" with "1" when compiling the code generated
by JCC
How do you think it should be handled?
My workaround was to "#undef XXX" before every "static yyy XXX".

* org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptableObject defines a method "typeof()",
which conflicts with C++ "typeof" keyword. SImilar problem as above...
I skipped methods named "typeof" in and

For the rest, seems to be working great; i think JCC is a very
interesting project!



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