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From Bill Janssen <>
Subject installing pylucene-2.4.1
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2009 10:44:32 GMT
I've just tried installing 2.4.1, and I've got a few suggestions for

1. Put a plain-text version of readme.html in README, automatically
   generated from readme.html (or whatever), as part of the src-dist
   build process.  I always hate it when I visit a README, and it says,
   "You fool!  You should be looking at doc/documentation/readme.html!"

2. Ditto for the INSTALL file.

3. Oh, and by the way, looking at readme.html is tough.  The string
   "doc/documentation/readme.html" will almost always be read as just
   "documentation/readme.html".  I'd suggest calling that directory
   "doc/dist", or some such, instead of "doc/documentation".

4.  If there's a top-level "build.xml" file, lots of users (me, too :-)
    will think that they can just type "ant" to build the package.  That
    should either "just work", or you should rename the build.xml file
    to something less obvious, like "to-be-invoked-by-the-Makefile.xml".

5.  Get rid of editing the Makefile, if you can.  Would you like me to
    write an autoconf script for this?


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