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From Kamal Najib <>
Subject Re: Re: how to get the word before and the word after the matched Term?
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 13:34:49 GMT
Thank you for the reply.
Original Message:

Well, when you get the Document object, you have access to the fields in 
<br />that document, including the text that was searched against.
<br />
<br />You could simply retrieve this string, and then use simple java String 
<br />manipulation to get what you want.
<br />
<br />Matt
<br />
<br />Kamal Najib wrote:
<br />> Hi all,
<br />> I want to  get the word before and the word after  the matched Term.For Example
if i have the Text " The drug was freshly prepared at 4-hour intervals . Eleven courses were
administered to seven patients at this dose level and no patient experienced nausea or vomiting"
and the matched Term for example "patient" i want to get the word level and the word experienced("and"
and "no" are stop words, therefore i d'ont want to get them.).I have looked at the Class Termposition
but in this Class i can only get the position of the matched Term, how can i get the word
before and after it, any suggestion?. 
<br />> Thank you in advance.
<br />> Kamal
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