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From Adrian Dimulescu <>
Subject Re: get term neighbours
Date Thu, 07 May 2009 16:11:32 GMT

Thank you for these precisions. As I had to do something fast, I coded 
the thing as illustrated by the following pseudocode:

IndexReader index;

TermPositions iterator = this.index.termPositions(t); // for each doc 
where this term appears

while ( {
            int docNr = iterator.doc();
            int freq = iterator.freq();

            int[] apparitionPositions = new int[freq];  // these are the 
positions in the crt doc of the crt term
            for (int i = 0; i < freq; i++) {
                apparitionPositions[i] = iterator.nextPosition();
           TermPositionVector tpv =  (TermPositionVector) 
this.index.getTermFreqVector(docNr, "text");
            // for all possible terms,  see if it is close to one of the 
elements in apparitionPositions
           for (int i = 0; i < terms.length; i++) {
                int[] pos = tpv.getTermPositions(i);
                ... // for each element in pos, check close distance to 
the crt term

My understanding is that this is a less object-oriented way of doing the 
same thing as your proposition but please correct me if I'm wrong.

I finally managed to retrieve what I wanted with this code. The problem 
is that it is not really parallelizable. If several threads call 
getTermFreqVector at the same time, they have to wait after each other. 
My multithreaded scenario involved a unique IndexReader on which all 
threads ask for term vectors. I wonder if it is possible to avoid this 
problem (perhaps by having a pool of IndexReaders, is this a good 
practice, wouldn't there be memory problems?). I welcome any ideas on 
this subject.

Thank you,

Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> There isn't a very clean way to do this just yet, but it is doable.  
> Index with positions (you might find offsets useful too) and then use 
> the TermVectorMapper and TermVector API call on the IndexReader (not 
> the termPositions).  Then, you will need to implement a 
> TermVectorMapper that takes in your position and then reads in the 
> term vector and gets just those positions around the interested 
> position.  Once you are outside of your window, you can then short 
> circuit out of the TermVM (I think).
> HTH,
> Grant
> On May 3, 2009, at 2:39 PM, Adrian Dimulescu wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am post-processing a positional index -- with a field like the 
>> following:
>> doc.add(new Field(Constants.FIELD_TEXT, txt, Store.NO, 
>> At post-processing, I want to retrieve the neighbours of a given term 
>> within a given range. That is, if document x contains the sequence :
>> "Alabama experienced significant /recovery as the economy of the 
>> state/ transitioned from agriculture to diversified interests in 
>> heavy manufacturing"
>> for range = 3 and term = "economy", I want to retrieve "recovery as 
>> the *economy* of the state".
>> I see there is an API call :
>> IndexReader.termPositions(term)
>> which retrieves the actual positions of the given term. Is there a 
>> quick way to retrieve its neighbours too, instead of browsing all 
>> terms for all document and see if their position is close to the 
>> position of the central term ?

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