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From "tinawenqiao" <315524...@qq.com>
Subject Use KafkaAdminClient to get broker dynamic config “leader.replication.throttled.rate” and “follower.replication.throttled.rate” ,but returned null
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2019 02:33:51 GMT
Hi, everyone:    I found KafkaAdminClient.describeConfigs can't return the dynamic broker config
    First I use kafka-reassign-partitions.sh to reassign partitions, and at the same time
I add throttle as follows. And then use describeConfig to get the config value, but I can't
get the result as I expected. 
Is it a bug or the design is just right like this?

 Step 1: Reassign with throttle parameter
bin/kafka-reassign-partitions.sh --zookeeper localhost:2183 --reassignment-json-file reassign.json
--execute --throttle 3000 --replica-alter-log-dirs-throttle 2000 --bootstrap-server localhost:19092
Current partition replica assignment
Save this to use as the --reassignment-json-file option during rollback
Warning: You must run Verify periodically, until the reassignment completes, to ensure the
throttle is removed. You can also alter the throttle by rerunning the Execute command passing
a new value.
The inter-broker throttle limit was set to 3000 B/s
The replica-alter-dir throttle limit was set to 2000 B/s
Successfully started reassignment of partitions.

Step 2: I can get broker dynamic config on zk.
[zk: localhost:2183(CONNECTED) 47] get /config/brokers/111
cZxid = 0x1a99
ctime = Fri Dec 21 13:59:20 CST 2018
mZxid = 0x2ebb
mtime = Thu Jan 03 10:06:56 CST 2019
pZxid = 0x1a99
cversion = 0
dataVersion = 19
aclVersion = 0
ephemeralOwner = 0x0
dataLength = 168
numChildren = 0

Step3:Use org.apache.kafka.clients.admin.KafkaAdminClient  describe broker 111's config, the
results are all null
leader.replication.throttled.rate = null, isReadOnly:true, source:DYNAMIC_BROKER_CONFIG

follower.replication.throttled.rate = null, isReadOnly:true, source:DYNAMIC_BROKER_CONFIG

replica.alter.log.dirs.io.max.bytes.per.second = null, isReadOnly:true, source:DYNAMIC_BROKER_CONFIG
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