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From "Ghosh, Achintya (Contractor)" <Achintya_Gh...@comcast.com>
Subject RE: Kafka consumers unable to process message
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:43:51 GMT
Hi Jason,

Thanks for your response.

I know that is a known issue and I resolved it calling wakeup method by another thread. But
here my problem is different, let me explain , it's very basic

I created one cluster with 6 nodes( 3 from one datacenter and 3 from another(remote) datacenter
and kept replication factor 6 with 2 zookeeper servers one from each datacenter ). Now I brought
down all 3 nodes of my local datacenter and produced few messages and I see producer is working
fine even my local data center nodes are down. It successfully writes the messages to other
data center nodes. But when I'm trying to consume the messages the consumer.poll method gets
stuck as my local datacenter is down though other datacenter's nodes are up. 

My question is as the data has been written successfully to other datacenter why consumer
part is not working?

Here is my Producer settings:

props.put("bootstrap.servers", "psaq1-wc.sys.comcast.net:61616,psaq2-wc.sys.comcast.net:61616,psaq3-wc.sys.comcast.net:61616,psaq1-ab.sys.comcast.net:61617,psaq2-ab.sys.comcast.net:61617,psaq3-ab.sys.comcast.net:61617");
props.put("acks", "1");
props.put("max.block.ms", 1000);
props.put("key.serializer", "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer");
props.put("value.serializer", "com.comcast.ps.kafka.object.CustomMessageSer");

and here is Consumer settings:

props.put("group.id", "app-consumer");
		props.put("enable.auto.commit", "false");
		props.put("auto.offset.reset", "earliest");
		props.put("auto.commit.interval.ms", "500");
		props.put("session.timeout.ms", "120000");
		props.put("consumer.timeout.ms", "10000");
		props.put("zookeeper.session.timeout.ms", "120000");
		props.put("zookeeper.connection.timeout.ms", "60000");
		props.put("request.timeout.ms", "150000");
		props.put("bootstrap.servers", "psaq1-wc.sys.comcast.net:61616,psaq2-wc.sys.comcast.net:61616,psaq3-wc.sys.comcast.net:61616,psaq1-ab.sys.comcast.net:61617,psaq2-ab.sys.comcast.net:61617,psaq3-ab.sys.comcast.net:61617");
		props.put("key.deserializer", "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringDeserializer");
		props.put("value.deserializer", "com.comcast.ps.kafka.object.CustomMessageDeSer");

Is it because of consumer is not able to get the broker metadata if it is trying to connect
other datacenter's zookeeper server? I tried with to increate the zookeeper session timeout
and connection time out but no luck.

Please help on this.

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Hi Achintya,

We have a JIRA for this problem: https://issues.
apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-3834. Do you expect the client to raise an exception in this
case or do you just want to keep it from blocking indefinitely? If the latter, you could escape
the poll from another thread using wakeup().


On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 12:11 PM, Ghosh, Achintya (Contractor) < Achintya_Ghosh@comcast.com>

> Hi there,
> Kafka consumer gets stuck at consumer.poll() method if my current 
> datacenter is down and replicated messages are in remote datacenter.
> How to solve that issue?
> Thanks
> Achintya
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