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From Chris Burroughs <chris.burrou...@gmail.com>
Subject Emeritus Committer status
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 02:20:41 GMT
A while ago [1] in the "committer and pmc requirements" thread emeritus
status came up (Alan's description quoted below).  But I don't think
there was consensus (or at least I could not find followup in the
archives).  Is this something we agree is a good idea?

> Why emeritus?  I think that it's important for people who are
evaluating the community to have an accurate sense of about how active
the community is in terms of committers and PMC members.  With that in
mind I think that the emeritus status/process should be a pain free,
non-punative, process where by emeritus members can be instantly
reactivated at solely their own request, i.e. there is no evaluation or
vote to reactivate them.


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