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From Markus Obermann <>
Subject Need to Sign data with private key in jmeter using keystore
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2019 15:16:37 GMT
i have a HTTP Sampler and do some API Calls with my webserver using TLS with certificate checkup
on both sides (client and server). This is called mutual TLS.This is working fine as i have
a java keystore with my .p12 file and i use the Keystore element in my Testplan.As i have
only one cert in my keystore its quite very simple configuration.OK so far.
Now i need to do some more stuff which is as follow.
Take the privatekey and take a file on disk and sign the file using SHA-384 and save the sign-file
as "file.sha384"
Then do a base64 on this "file.sha384" and put it in a HTTP-Header and sent this with the
https request.
2)Take the URL the http-sampler in jmeter is using and do the same as in 1). This means take
the whole URL as String - sign using priv. key and do base64 and put in HTTP-Header as 2nd

So far i can do 1) using my bash and using openssl like this:openssl dgst -sha384 -sign privkey.key
-out file.sha384openssl base64 -in file.sha384 -out file.sign
For sure if i use curl i can somehow to the 2) too.Adding a HTTP-Header is the easiest part.

Thus i would like to do something like this:Use a BeanShell or a Pre-BeanShell to do 1) and
So far i know i can access my JmeterKeyStore using API and i can do a "getPrivateKey()"Then
i would need to do some "Signature" stuff - here i can use the Java API - right?
Can i somehow access the URL from the Sampler before it get executed to i can do 2)?I think
there is a way to access the Jmeter Sampler Variables - right?
Can anyone help me out?Thanks in adviceBrMarkus

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