Hello Guys,


I am currently setting up a test and I am having some issues to control the test flow. Please refer to the below scenario to understand what I am trying to achieve.


My test plan is as follows:


Thread Group

                Transaction Controller 1

                Transaction Controller 2

                Runtime Controller

                                Transaction Controller 3

                                Transaction Controller 4

                                Transaction Controller 5

                Transaction Controller 6


Controller 1 & 2 (Launch Application and Login) – should happen only once

Runtime Controller contains some transactions – this will iterate for a duration of 1 hour

Controller 6 (Logout) – should happen only once


All samplers are found inside the controllers.


I want to run my test for the duration of 1 hour. The problem is when I set 1 hour for my thread group and 1 hour for my runtime controller, Transaction Controller 6 does not get executed. It all depends where the test flow has reached when duration hit 1 hour.


How can I make the test to stop (like gradual exiting) but executes the remaining transactions when we hit the 1 hour mark before stopping the test completely?

Is there a controller that will wait for the remaining transactions to execute before stopping the test even if the duration has reached 1 hour?


Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank You


Kind Regards