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From "Fitzpatrick, Adrian" <>
Subject RE: looping through CSV data file
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2008 15:11:18 GMT


You could create a seperate data file for each line, named of the form
JMeterDataFile1.csv, JMeterDataFile2.csv, JMeterDataFile3.csv, and so on....

Thenn, in your CVS Data Set Config, specify the file name as
"JMeterDataFile${__threadNum()}.csv". Therefore thread #1 will used
JMeterDataFile1.csv, thread #2 will use JMeterDataFile2.csv, etc.....

Hope that helps....



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From: Wei Z []
Sent: 01 August 2008 12:27
Subject: looping through CSV data file


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I have a particular issue I wonder if anyone can help to solve or to suggest
an alternative.

I'm using JM v2.3.2. I use a CVS Data Set Config at the thread group level
to control what each thread(user) should do. This includes username, pw,
which record on a page to edit etc.The data sharing mode is 'current thread
group'. Recycle on EOF is 'True'. 

There are n (e.g. 10) threads in the group and there are equivalent number
of records(lines) in the CVS files. The loop count  is 100.

What I want is that for each iteration, the same thread uses the same data
record in the CVS file. e.g. for the first iteration, thread (user) 1 will
grab record 1, thread 2 will grab record 2, and so on so forth. When the
subsequent interations start, I want thread 1 to use the same data record
(record 1) in CVS file. However, this is not guaranteed. Because I don't
have control of which thread to finish the iteration first, so if thread 2
finishes the iteration ahead of thread 1, then thread 2 will grab data
record 1. Due to the processing rule of the APP, this will causes the test
to fail (can't have data record 1 being used at the same time).

Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.

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