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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Webservices and versioning
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 01:02:03 GMT
On 05/08/2008, James Hill <> wrote:
> Hi list.
>  I'm testing a webservice using JMeter and I've run into a problem. When
>  sending a XML payload to the service using JMeter I get an exception
>  returned from the service. When I send the exact same payload from SOAPui
>  the webservice sends back the correct response. There are a few differences
>  with the header information but the major one that stands out is the HTTP
>  versioning. JMeter is HTTP/1.0 while SOAPui uses HTTP/1.1.
>  Is it possible to dummy the header information to make the webservice think
>  that it's receiving a request in the correct format? Or am I on the wrong
>  path here and it's related to another problem? The rest of the header and
>  payload look pretty much the same.

Which version of JMeter?

Which SOAP sampler?

The WebService (SOAP) Sampler uses an old version of Apache Soap; I
don't think the header can be changed.

Try using the XML-RPC sampler instead.

>  Regards,
> James.

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