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From "matthew sporleder" <>
Subject Re: synchronized samples
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2008 13:03:47 GMT
On 1/20/08, Andrej van der Zee <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to JMeter and I have an issue I am not able to solve. I was hoping
> to get some help here :)
> My problem is best explained with a example, so suppose I have the following
> setup:
> Thread Group
> -- Login (HTTP Request)
> -- Visit Page (HTTP Request)
> -- Logout (HTTP Request)
> Now I would like to start 10 threads that first all execute "HTTP Request
> Login" *one after each other*. So first thread_1 would  execute "Login" and
> after it finishes, thread_2 would immediately execute "Login", etc...
> Then, after all 10 threads executed the "Login", I would like to pause 10
> seconds before going to the next stage. After the pause, I would like to
> execute "Visit Page" for all threads in the same way as "Login", and then
> have another 10 seconds pause, etc.
> I realize this breaks the idea of concurrent users, but this is for a
> reason.

I think you could use the interleave controller, a timer, and a
function to calculate how long you waited (10-$x where $x=thread id,
or something like that).

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