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From Christian Hufgard <>
Subject Re: Access Log Sampler
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 16:13:30 GMT
> exactly as possible will never be exactly what happened in production. the
> best one can hope for is the same traffic loads and patterns.

Yes, I had to add some patterns and I hoped, I could do this easier with
this Sampler.

>>from your comments so far, it sounds like you want to reproduce a sudden
> traffic spike to see what happens on the server and possible see how long it
> takes for the server to recover under normal loads. Is that correct?

Kind of. In deed I do not want to test not my server but some backends
it contacts. Of course it would be easier to directly contact them. But
the customer wants to see the behaviour of the whole system (we exchange
one backend with another)


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