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From "David Brown" <>
Subject I know this is in the doco but: Connection refused! (dist. test)
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 17:09:38 GMT
Hello Peter, contributors, they who commit, gurus and JMeter users, I have set up 2 jmeter-server
instances on a Windows XP and a Linux box. the serves are listening OK and the jmeter-log
shows a connection attempt to run the distributed test from a JMeter Master which is on the
same sub-net. I followed the Sergey Ten tips for the localhost ( loopback problem
but to no avail. I have turned off the firwalls on both the Windows box and the Linux box.
I have edited the /etc/hosts files with the hostnames and IPs of client (Master) and the remote
JMeters servers (Slaves). The JMeter Test Plan works OK from just the Run/Start menu but of
course is failing as outlined from the Run/Remote Start All. The remote IPs show up in the
Run/Remote pull-down as defined in the file. I know the connection refusal
is coming from the loopback but I don't know what to do the change this condition. What has
changed? or what should I try next to resolve this connection i
 ssue? Logs, config and XML available to those interested. The particulars follow. Thanks
in advance and please advise, David.

OS: Debian 3.1 (host machine of targeted web app), Linux Kubuntu host Master, Linux Suse host
Slave, Windows XP host Slave
JDK/JRE: java version "1.6.0_02", java version "1.6.0_01", java version "1.6.0_04", java version
JMeter: 2.3.1 (mostly all defaults)
Network: local, all host machines have static IPs.
Firewall: iptables only on Debian Master, Linux slave not firewall implemented. Windows box
firewall turned off.

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