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Subject Send HTTP requests from different IPs
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 13:54:50 GMT

Hi gang! Do forgive me if this question's been answered before; couldn't
find a solution.

We have some HTTP servers, behind a Cisco CSS that does load balancing
depending on the client's IP. I'll be using JMeter with the Commons
HttpClient component to generate load, to test the HTTP servers. The
load balancer needs to split the load between them evenly. JMeter has
to run on a single, powerful machine running Linux. I can add all the
alias IPs or even a few net intrfaces I need to the machine running
JMeter, but how can I configure JMeter/HttpClient so that the requests
will seem, to the load balancer, to be coming from different IPs?
Perhaps using iptables?


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