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From "Christensen, Alan" <>
Subject Problems with remote test execution
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 16:29:28 GMT
I have a very slow connection via VPN to a remote jmeter server inside
our corporate firewall.  I would like to use this remote server to test
a web server that is in the same proximity to the remote jmeter server.
This will allow me to measure the web server response time without all
the networking delays that occur when testing from my PC outside the
firewall.  The problem is that there is some level of communication that
continuously occurs between the remote jmeter server and my PC that
slows down the test running on the remote jmeter server.  My test should
run on the remote jmeter test machine at 5+ TPS and it only runs at 0.5
TPS.  I can't seem to get the remote server to run any faster than this
because the test execution appears to be gated by the communications
back to my PC.  The only way to get rid of this communication is to
disable all listeners completely, in which case I don't get any results.
I have tried all the listeners including the simple one that writes the
results to a table and the Simple data writer.  I have tried using
"batch mode" to have the sample data returned after 100 samples rather
than continuously.  None of these alternatives seems to allow the remote
jmeter server to run any faster, and there still seems to be some
continuous communications running back and forth between the remote
jmeter machine and my PC.  I have not tried the "hold all samples"
alternative for two reasons:
  1. I need some feedback during the test that it is running
  2. The very long time that would be required to download all the
samples at the end of the test.  
My real interest is in an aggregate report type display.

Any ideas for how I can get around these issues, other than shipping all
my files to the remote jmeter server and telneting to it to run a test?
I'd really like to be able to use the remote server capability if at all

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