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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Issues with distributed JMeter and ${_StringFromFile()} function
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 16:01:36 GMT
On 02/07/07, Ajit Wagh <> wrote:
> Hello Guys,

Please don't cross-post. I've removed JMeter-dev from the reply.

> I have setup Jmeter in distributed mode.
> In mater jmeter test plan - the file contining url is provided using
> function ${_StringFromFile(FILE)}.
> Location for FILE is JMeters bin directory.
> On local machine JMeter could read FILE and request ads mentioned in FILE,
> but on remote machine I could see file not found error. This error was
> resolved by copying FILE in slave Jmeters \bin directory.
> But on some remote machines...  I could see file not found error in
> jmeter.log even though FILE was available in jmeters \bin directory - I
> further dig down the issue and I found that.
> After further digging the issue - I found
> 1.    Master jmeter location is C:\JmeterServer
> 2.    The slave jmeters where problem encountered -  the Jmeter location is
> D:\JMeterServer
> If I change Jmeter slave location to C:\JmeterServer the problem solved …
> but I need to do it on more than 20 machines... and some machines are unix
> machines and its impossible to arrange C:\JmeterServer path in unix.
> Another solution I tried is hardcode path in ${_StringFromFile(FILE)}
> function
> e.g. ${_StringFromFile(C:\\FILE)} and ${_StringFromFile(C:/FILE)}, but slave
> jmeter log file says … C:\\FILE not found.
> Can anybody help me in solving this problem?

The best is to use a relative path name, and make sure that the data
file is in the same directory relative to the launch directory on all

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