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From "Mikko Ohtamaa" <>
Subject Extending Jmeter for highly asynchronous protocol
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 12:58:44 GMT

I am planning to do some load testing over SIP (Session Initation) protocol.
SIP is highly asynchronous protocol. After opening SIP pipe, you never know
what kind of messages arrive from there and in which order. The test client
needs to maintain various states in its memory so that it can give a proper
answer to each messages.

To be exact, I need to launch many test clients who discuss with each other
and go to various states (a good analogue could be instant messaging with
various presence states and different messages).

So far, what I have been poking into Jmeter sources, all examples have been
quite static - individual HTTP requests and so on. Do you think Jmeter is
right tool for me? How should I approach the problem? So far, I have been
reading Jmeter sources and I know how to create a support for new protocol.
But I am afraid I don't know how to deal with asynchronous incoming
messages... A lot of ifs after each "SIP Request"? Doesn't sound too good...

Any help would be appreciated.

Mikko Ohtamaa
+358 40 743 9707

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