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From "Lu, Tao (MTO)" <>
Subject how to use jmeter-results-report.xsl(
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 21:40:31 GMT
Hi, All, 
I am using <jmeter> ANT task and jmeter-results-report.xsl(from to format the output result. But I noticed
that jmeter-results-report.xsl looks for XML elements like "sampleResult"
and attributes like "time", "success", while JMeter output file looks like
as below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<testResults version="1.2">
<httpSample t="30" lt="30" ts="1155248729607" s="true"
lb="/audit/login/login.jsp" rc="200" rm="OK" tn="Audit 1-1" dt="text"/>
<httpSample t="2644" lt="2634" ts="1155248729687" s="true"
lb="/audit/login/j_security_check" rc="302" rm="Moved Temporarily" tn="Audit
1-1" dt="text"/>
<httpSample t="250" lt="230" ts="1155248732331" s="true"
lb="/audit/" rc="200" rm="OK" tn="Audit 1-1"
<httpSample t="201" lt="201" ts="1155248732581" s="true"
lb="/audit/" rc="200" rm="OK" tn="Audit 1-1"

This XML result seems not to match the XSL. Am I using it correctly?

Here is my task:
<taskdef name="jmeter"
classname="org.programmerplanet.ant.taskdefs.jmeter.JMeterTask" />
<xslt in="${basedir}/logs/${test_module}.jtl"
style="${basedir}/jmx/jmeter-results-report.xsl" />

Thank you in advance!
Best Regards,

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