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From Andy Dawson <>
Subject Re: using the execution path as a variable
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 09:34:00 GMT
Hi Chris,

If this isnĀ“t useful/correct, hopefully the correction to my post may 
also help me.

For Gui runs I created a variable like this:

   * FilePrefix =

The path is relative to the working path of JMeter, all of the variables 
are also user defined (once) and substituted in the appropriate places.

For anything that generated an output I used it like this:

   * FilePath = ${FilePrefix}ResultErrors.jti

For none gui runs, I think the normal solution is to just specify the 
working directory when launching the script.


PS. Sorry you got this message twice - wrong button.
Chris Hansen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got (hopefully) a quick question.  I'm writing tests and I want the
>  output files from the summary reports, assertion results, save results
> to a file, etc., to go into a specific directory.  I'm not going to be
> the only person using these tests and each user can output CVS into
> their own sandbox so I can't rely on the absolute path being the same
> for each user.
> I was using a relative path (..\xmlresults\) but I realized that if I'm
> in a sub-subdirectory then that won't work either.
> Is there a variable that jmeter sets that I could use to preface the
> filename prefix or filename so that my output goes to a specific
> location?  Something I could use like ${jmeter.runpath}\xmlresults\
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> chris
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