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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Another JSP Login problem
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 13:23:41 GMT
On 03/08/06, Richard <> wrote:
> jax wrote:
> > 2) login.jsp takes a username and password and submits to setup.jsp.  Before
> > the 'submit' occurs, a bit of javascript adds 'username' to the cookie with
> > the value of what is entered by the user.  Once submitted, setup.jsp will
> > redirect to home.jsp (which requires that there is a username cookie
> > present).
> >
> Remember jmeter doesn't behave like a full browser... if you're adding
> 'username' to the cookie with javascript i think that wouldn't work on
> jmeter. That's why you're always at login.jsp, the cookie never contains
> 'username', or i think so :D...

True if it's javascript  - that runs in the browser, and JMeter will not run it.

However JSP pages run on the server, so they can do what they want;
JMeter does not care how the cookie is generated, so long as it is
sent back to JMeter with the correct path and expiry date etc.

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