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Subject Re: Re: Problem with CSVRead and multithread
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 20:04:21 GMT
sebb napisaƂ(a):
> > >> As long as I run one-thread tests all seems to be working
> The problem
> > >> begins in case of number of threads. CSVRead allows to manage file
> pointers in each
> > >> thread independently but - here is the catch - each time I load
> from
> They are not independent. There is only one pointer to the next free


"Each thread has its own internal pointer to its current row in the file

> CSV in
> > >> new thread - I>#039;m given not the first value from file, but the
next to
> previously
> > >> read by another thread. So - I cannot operate on the same whole
> with number of
> > >> threads.
> > >
> No idea what that means.

I would like to iterate through whole scenario file in every thread. In
other words - every thread should run the same scenario - module by

> > > I>#039;ve tried to use *ALIAS statement, but it doesn>#039;t work
for me. There
> are no
> > > examples of *ALIAS in manual nor in mailing lists.
> > >
> CSVRead(file,*ALIAS) - open file and assign to ALIAS
> CSVRead(*ALIAS,0) - read column 0

I've tried exactly the same syntax but without desired result (CSVRead
(*ALIAS,0) have returned an empty string)

> CSVRead, StringFromFile and CSV Data Set are all designed to be used
> in much the same way. The file contains multiple rows. Each time a
> thread is ready for more data it is given the next line of data.

I wanted to have the same file opened many times by all threads or the
file opened only once but with different file pointers - one per every
thread. I supposed CSVRead with *ALIAS will be helpful, however I couldn't
make it working. I'll try anyway.




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