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From Srinath vaidyanathan <>
Subject Sending Parameters with HTTP Request
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 16:36:51 GMT
Following is my problem.

   i'm doing stress test of a web application. using jmeter i've been
able to login to the application and go thru' several interior pages
(i.e several successful http requests). Then i'm getting stuck at one
particular page where i have to click an image. i don't know how to
properly code that particular HTTP request. following is what i've
done in that http request.

  I'm using HTTP Request. Method is POST. I've given proper IP address
and path. In the "Send Parameters with Request" tab, i've added all
required hidden name/ value pairs. checked encode and equals option.

the problem is when i run the test plan it seems to work fine. but the
"View Results Tree"  shows me that there is no response  data for the
above particular page.

   i think the problem is this: there are many clickable images on
that page. but i'm not able to tell jmeter which image to click. how
do i send that parameter with the request?

 kindly help me out.

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