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From Umesh Pawar <>
Subject few doubts
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 13:16:59 GMT
Can anybody help me... 

I am started using Jmeter recently ,.I have a some doubts - 

My application is consists of ASP web pages which queries and access data
from SQL server.
I want to simulate scenario in which 1000 users will try to login - Login
page has three fields viz. Bank,UserID and Password and one Push button with
name Login.
I have created http request but got confused - 

- How to assign values to three fields viz. Bank,UserID and Password because
  does not send any parameters with URL. 
  URL for Login Page : http ://qa2ivr31/secured/Login.asp
  After successful login it shows MainMenu page and URL for Main Page is
http ://qa2ivr31/secured/MainMenu.asp 

- How will I perform action in http request which will ensure to click on
Login button.

- Is there any way to monitor actions performed on application in Run Mode
like loadrunner?

I have attached jmx file for the reference. These are stupid questions but
since I am knew to Jmeter I am looking forward for kind help.


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