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From sebb <>
Subject Re: JMeter fails to recognise the Response from server
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 14:02:43 GMT
What do you mean by failing to recognise the response?

JMeter does not care what the content-type is until after the response
has been received.

Even then, the content type is only used for things like the HTML
display, if I recall correctly.

Are there any errors in jmeter.log?

On 24/08/05, Sandeep Mankar <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently testing an java based application in which an html
> generater dynamically builds html pages. In this case, I can NOT send
> requests for specific pages and instead I send a url with the key for
> that page.
> "http://%3cservername%3e/application/action?!cd=1&!key=xxx"http://<serve
> rname>/application/action?!cd=1&!key=xxx
> But the problem I'm facing is that JMeter fails to recoginse the HTML
> response from the server.
> After initial investigations and goin thrgh the mailing list, I found
> out that JMeter does not record/get the CONTENT-TYPE of the http
> response.
> Does JMeter search for content type in the HTTP headers or the HTML
> files??
> How can I make sure that JMeter has not receive the content type?? (cos
> my developers believe that they do set the content type of the response
> in the app itself.)
> Thanks,
> Sandeep
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