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From Bronagh McElduff <>
Subject Re: Valid wsdl not loading
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 15:17:12 GMT
Hi Peter,

I'm not sure if you recall but you provided me with a night build that 
resolved the issue below (JMeter version 2.1.20050531).
However, I have found 2 bugs in this version
1) Changes made to web service test plans are not picked up on "save".  
The only means to force any changes made to a web service test plan is 
to restart the application
2) Using external datafiles:
 - Set the thread group loop count to 10
 - Add the following  variable:
( creditnums.dat contains 10 lines, each with a different integer )
- save and run

Actual results:
For each iteration, the CREDITNUM variable is assigned the value of the 
first integer in creditnums.dat


Peter Lin wrote:

>which version are you using? if you're using version older than 2.0.3
>it probably doesn''t have the patch. the nightly will work with gsoap,
>axis, jwsdp, aspx, asmx and apach soap wsdl.
>On 6/2/05, Bronagh McElduff <> wrote:
>>I am a new-comer to testing webservices with JMeter.  I have a WSDL that
>>is valid (see below) and recongised as such when I load it through your
>>WebService(SOAP)Request gui.  I have also verified it by loading it in a
>>browser as per the user manual:
>>However, the "Web methods" drop down is not populated as expected.
>>There is no futher explanation available in the user manual
>>Thanks in advance,
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