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From "Eric Laverge" <>
Subject Getting Started : My Java Request does not show up in combobox
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 02:24:41 GMT


I am trying to building a Simple Java Request to send JMS messages to an 
application. I read the JMeter user documents, the FAQ and  now searching 
this Mailling list. I still cannot see my AbstractJavaSamplerClient Class 
into the Java Request Combo box. I did follow the document JMeter Extension 
Scenario (7.0 Install your extension) by setting the search_paths property.

My class compile all right. I did a jar and drop it under the Ď/lib/extí 
folder (like in the doc).

Is there issues with the classpath or with the search_paths property ?

Is there something more to do then implementing the JavaSamplerClient  
interface or I have to edit the GuiTest.jmx ?

Thank you

PS : Please donít tell me to look a SleepTest sample.

//--------- Sample Java Request

public class HvSampler extends AbstractJavaSamplerClient

	static private Arguments _arguments;
		_arguments = new Arguments();

	public Arguments getDefaultParameters()
		return _arguments;
	public void setupTest(JavaSamplerContext context)
		System.out.println("inside setUp");


	public SampleResult runTest(JavaSamplerContext context)
		System.out.println("inside runTest");
		catch (InterruptedException e){	e.printStackTrace();}
		return getSampleResult();

	public void teardownTest(JavaSamplerContext context)
		System.out.println("inside teadDown");
	private SampleResult getSampleResult()
		SampleResult r = new SampleResult();
		return r;
	private void printContext(JavaSamplerContext ctx)
		Iterator iterator = ctx.getParameterNamesIterator();
		System.out.println("SamplerContext :");
		while (iterator.hasNext())
			String  name= (String);
			String value = ctx.getParameter(name);
			System.out.println(name+ "=" + value);

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