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From Martin Adamec <>
Subject Sending XML content using the HTTP Request sampler
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 20:53:32 GMT
Hi folks,

I am trying to find the way how it is possible to send plain XML content
wrapped in the HTTP request. 

I want to use JMeter 2.0.1 as a tool for performance testing of our
application. There is a C++ custom made thin client communicating with
server tier (Java servlets running within Apache/Tomcat) over HTTP sending
POST requests containing XML code. The response contains also XML code.

Our java server logs as well as Apache access.log show that the
communication was established, but the server (our one) responds -"Invalid
request string". This is because of the way I try too squeeze XML code into
the HTTP sampler. I copied the content of XML message into the 'Value' field
of the HTTP parameter having no name defined for this parameter. What it
does is that the string has '=' as a very first character (because there is
no name for the parameter defined) and what I would like it does is that
there is only plain XML code sent along without any leading character.

I already experimented with SOAP/XML-RPC Request, but it did not work. Maybe
I just use it wrong way.

Can anyone help me with some advise?

Thank you in advance.

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