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From Anders Haal <>
Subject Re: Response getting lost
Date Sat, 20 Nov 2004 16:21:16 GMT
I forgot that vital info, I had "follow redirects" on and not Redirect 
automaticlly. For my need this should right - follow redirects. The 
strange this is when running with the browser the same session and 
recording with ethereal I do not see any 302 for the server.

sebb wrote:
> IOn Sat, 20 Nov 2004 08:00:42 +0100, Anders Haal <> wrote:
>>Trying to use jmeter to do load simulation and response time measuring.
>>The problem I have was discovered when I need  to pickup returned data
>>from the server response and use it into the next request.  Being new to
>>jmeter I did not understand the inbuilt recording mechanism in jmeter.
>>Instead I used ethereal to record my session.
>>The request in question is POST with Name Value pairs.
>>So I created a Http Request sampler (also tried the Http Request
>>HttpClient sampler) with my recorded request and then created a Post
>>Processor regular expression extractor. The problem was I was not
>>getting any hits on the regular expression that I expected from the
>>recording done in ethereal. After testing the limits of my regular
>>expression knowledge, I save I could get hits on other stuff changing
>>the regular expression. To debug what was going on I added both
>>"functional test mode" on the testplan and for each http request a "Save
>>response to file" post processor and a "simple data writer" listener.
>>What I discovered was that none of the stuff I was looking to match on
>>was in the result. It looked that I was missing a lot of expected
>>response. In the result from the "Save response file" listener I had
>>strings like "invoked "break" outside of a loop" in the html files
>>stored. Running my script and using ethereal recording I could see I got
>>a "HTTP/1.1 302 Found" reply sending my POST requests instead of the
>>expected. Maybe my HTTP knowledge is to limited but a 302, according to
>>the spec talk about "The requested resource resides temporarily under a
>>different URI" and I real do not know what I should do or what it would
>>mean in this context.
> 302 is a redirect. 
> Browsers follow redirects automatically - not sure if any of them
> allow this to be switched off.
> However, unless you set the HTTP Sampler to *follow* redirects, JMeter
> considers it has finished the sample as soon as it receives the
> initial response, i.e. the redirect.
> JMeter gives you the options:
> * redirect automatically - i.e. the http connection does the redirect,
> and JMeter never sees it.
> * follow redirects - i.e. JMeter uses the information from the 302 to
> load the new page. Both the pages willl appear as samples.
> * or neither, of course.
> This is described in the user manual, see: 
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