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From Peter Lin <>
Subject Glue WSDL now supported
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 02:09:46 GMT
I've just checked in a fix so the wsdhelper handles gluecode wsdl
correctly. I've also started working on a new SOAP sampler that uses
Axis. Specifically, it uses WSDL2Java tool to generate the client
code. It will take a week or so to get a working sampler, since it is
a completely different approach than the current apache SOAP sampler.


On Mon, 01 Nov 2004 15:45:46 -0600, John Ferron
<> wrote:
> I'm trying to use JMeter to profile our app that we are developing and
> I'm having some issues with trying to setup JMeter.  Once I have
> loading JMeter, I'm created a WebService thread with 5 threads and a
> loop
> count of 2.  I then created a Webservice(SOAP) Request and have put in
> the
> (localhost) wsdl address to grab the wsdl off of the running instance
> of tomcat on my machine.  When I press the load WSDL button, it looks
> like the app is trying to do something, but nothing is populated in the
> web
> methods.  I've clicked the "Read SOAP Response" to read any soap
> messages.  Our WSDL contains the actual xsd schema with in the file.
> XMLSpy has said that the xml is valid even though JMeter says it is
> not.  Any questions or a way to make this work... please help.  Thanks
> John

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