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From Roxana Stanescu <>
Subject Regular Expression Extractor
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 16:15:00 GMT
Hi *,
I am trying to test the following situation with JMeter:
I have a jsp page (X.jsp) that needs a large amount of data to be retrieved from the db and
It takes a lot of time to get the response from the server and sometimes times out. 
To solve this, I have another wait page (Wait.jsp) that gets refreshed every 5 seconds and
queries the session to see if the data has been loaded on the session, and when it is, the
X.jsp is displayed.
The test looks like this:
HTTP Request (Path: .../
	Regular Expression Extractor (Reference Name: title; Regular Expression: <title>(.*)</title>)
Loop Controller (Loop Count: 10)
	If Controller (Condition ("${title_g1}" == "Wait"))
		Constant Timer (5000 ms)
		HTTP Request (Path: .../Wait.jsp)
			Response Assertion (Patterns to Test: something from the X page)
			Regular Expression Extractor (Reference Name: title; Regular Expression: <title>(.*)</title>)
	(end if)
(end loop)
... other HTTP Requests
The idea was that:
- once the X page is returned, the other iterations will do nothing;
- if the server is loaded and it will take hours to respond, only wait for a predefined time
(no of iterations x timer)
In the iteration i (1<=i<=10), the response is indeed the X page, so the assertion passes,
but the title_g1 variable doesn't get assigned the title of the X page.
So, the if is true in the following iterations and I continue to call the Wait page after
the X page has been returned.
This is because the title_g1 has always the value assigned in the first Regular Expression
Extractor, from the HTTP Request (Path: .../
How can I solve this?
I cannot use assertions to stop the thread because I have other HTTP Requests that follow
and must be tested.
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