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From Ashley Hayes <>
Subject __CSVRead behaviour with sample failures
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 16:17:41 GMT
I seem to be experiencing the follow behaviour of the CSVRead function. If a
Http  sampler error occurs and the ThreadGroup is configured to "Action to
be taken after a Sampler error" as  "continue" , then the "current row" of
the CSV file is not updated correctly, e.g. the values in the row that
caused the error are used again. 
If I choose to "Stop Thread"  ( for "Action to be taken after a Sampler
error") then the values of that row seem to be skipped.

My understanding is that, each iteration of each thread will get a different
(possibly unique) row, e.g. 
	 Thread group of 20, Test Plan of 5 iterations and 100 rows in CSV,
therefore each iteration will read a unique row from the CSV file. Is my
understanding correct? If so I presume this behaviour should hold even if a
sampler error occurs?

	I'm using Jmeter 2.0.1. My test plan defines some "User Parameters"
that get their values from a CSV file,  ${__CSVRead(myusers.csv,0)}, its
checked to "update Once per iteration".

Thanks for your time,

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