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From Szabo Viktor <>
Subject Re: Using Mailer Visualizer with multiple pages inspected
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:22:22 GMT
Michael Stover wrote:

>The Mailing visualizer works like this:
>If an error occurs, count errors +1
>If a success occurs, count success +1
>If #errors exceeds threshhold, send email
>if #success exceeds threshhold after an error, send email and reset
>error/success counts
>You've probably got the threshholds at 1 which means when one of your
>requests fails, you get flooded with alternating failed, success
>messages.  You could solve this in two ways - add a "stop the test"
>actiion if a failure occurs, so that you get your email and the test is
>stopped, so no more come.  Or, you could attach a mail visualizer to
>each request.
Thanks, now I see how it works!


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