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From Kan Deng <>
Subject JMeter test plan set up
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 16:48:33 GMT
Hi, there, 

I am new to use JMeter, and have a question on the
test plan set-up. 

We want to do an aggregating load test on one server. 
Starting with 10 users, each one sends a request to
the same server, and all the 10 requests are sent at
the same time. We take a record of the average
response time and their deviation. 

After this, we send 20 requests simultaneously. Then
30, then 40, up to 100. 

Of course, I can repeat the test 10 times, with 10,
20, ... 100, requests each time. 

However, the question is, is there any way we can do
the 10 tests in one short, so as to collect the test
results more conveniently?


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