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From Milamber <>
Subject Re: Drop Java 6 support for the next release?
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2014 22:24:04 GMT

On 15/11/2014 19:00, sebb wrote:
> On 15 November 2014 18:27, Milamber <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would open the discussion to remove the Java 6 support (End Of Life:
>> Feb 2013) to JMeter for next release (in 2015 I think).
>> I think, now, the Java 7 (or 8) is widespread on computer.
>> For history:
>> JMeter 2.9 (2013-01-28) drop the Java 1.5 support (EOL Oct 2009)
>> JMeter 2.4 (2010-07-12) drop the Java 1.4 support (EOL Oct 2008)
>> Note : Java 7 EOL is April 2015
>> Have you some special objections to remove the Java 6 support to JMeter?
> JMeter is an a stand-alone application, and so other Java code is not
> generally dependent on it.
> This means we have more freedom when deciding the minimum Java version.
> If necessary, JMeter can be installed on a separate system with a more
> recent version of Java.
> I think the main constraint is whether or not the Java version is
> readily available and stable on a wide variety of platforms.
> Having said that, unless a newer version of Java offers significant
> benefits, there is no point in forcing (some) users to upgrade Java.
> So: what are the features of Java 7 and/or 8 that would improve JMeter?

I'm not sure that is the good question.
Why Apache JMeter must support the EOL Java versions ? and (second
question) why JMeter must work on a non-supported version of Java by
editor ?
For example, the bug 54477 is only fixed by using the Java 7 version. We
can't fix this bug with Oracle (Sun) because the EOL arrived...

I'm made a lot of load testing mission, and I have always the
possibility to install the latest Java version. JMeter isn't a server
process like httpd, the compliant with old version isn't mandatory for
the run test, the load tester (person who make the load test or
functional test) can always impose their requirements (i.e. Java version).

If I follow your logical think, the question is: when the JMeter minimal
Java version must be change? Why wait 4 years to upgrade to Java 5? or 2
years to upgrade to Java 1.4? what is the criteria to upgrade the Java
runtime at this time (2009 / 2008)?

Please, give us the reasons to keep the reason to keep JMeter compliant
with no-support of the Java version by the editor (and the security
issues, bug issue with old version)?


>> Milamber
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