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From Milamber <>
Subject Re: New from Template silently overwrites files
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 13:58:38 GMT

Le 09/07/2013 13:20, sebb a ecrit :
> On 9 July 2013 13:01, sebb <> wrote:
>> On 9 July 2013 12:53, Milamber <> wrote:
>>> Le 09/07/2013 11:46, sebb a ecrit :
>>>> Just noticed that the "New From Template" feature creates a file in
>>>> the current working directory.
>>>> It silently overwrites any file with the same name as the template.
>>>> It would be easy to lose a valuable test plan.
>>>> I'm not sure why the code does not just load the content from the
>>>> template, and leave to the user to save the test plan where they wish.
>>> +1, I would be better to make like "merge" (or use the merge functionalty)
>>> to open the template.
>> Yes - would need to clear any existing plan first though.
> Just occurs to me that one might want to use templates for partial test plans?

Yes, I think it's natural to use the template as partial test plans 
(like "add my favorite listener")

> If so, then it would be useful not to clear the existing plan first.

Yes. Perhaps a checkbox "Replace (and remove) current test plan" or 
"Merge with current test plans".

> Maybe the templates.xml file could include a flag to say whether the
> template was a complete test plan or just a snippet?
> That would allow the dialog box to easily distinguish the two types.


> The Menu item would need to be changed to "Templates..."

Philippe has already do this for french translation ("Modèles..." not 
"Nouveau depuis modèles")
I agree "Templates..." seems better.

>>>> After all, unless they change the template, they can just refetch it.
>>>> Thoughts?

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