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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Jena 3.11.0
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2019 10:10:19 GMT

The Apache Jena development community is pleased to announce the release 
of Apache Jena 3.11.0!

== Key features of the release

37 JIRA:

== Changes of note:

JENA-1691 : Metric services for Fuseki
    Sean Ryan

JENA-1664, JENA-1665, JENA-1673
SDB improvements including performance of OPTIONAL, MINUS
    Graham Triggs

Set Dyadic#getL() and Dyadic#getR() return type to Graph
   Jan Martin Keil

JENA-1674 : Fix mishandling negative xsd:floats in TDB2

JENA-1644 : ParameterizedSparqlString Empty List fix
   Greg Albiston

Improvements to TDB1 and TDB2 handling bad I/O
during transaction commit.


The project intends to replace jena-spatial soon with Greg Albiston's 

which is currently being integrated into Jena.

== Upgrades to libraries (runtime dependencies):

Apache Commons compress 1.17 -> 1.18
Apache Thrift           0.10.0 -> 0.12.0
jsonld-java             0.12.1 -> 0.12.3
    Additionally, control the version of Jackson: 2.9.8 due to CVE's
Apache Commons fileupload 1.3.3 -> 1.4
slf4j                   1.7.25 -> 1.7.26 (CVE upgrade)

io.micrometer:          1.1.3
and recursive dependencies:
    org.hdrhistogram:HdrHistogram:jar:2.1.9 (BSD-2-Clause)
    org.latencyutils:LatencyUtils:jar:2.0.3 (BSD-2-Clause)

== Obtaining Apache Jena 3.11.0

* Via

The main jars and their dependencies can used with:


Full details of all maven artifacts are described at:

* As binary downloads

Apache Jena libraries are available as a binary distribution of
libraries. For details of a global mirror copy of Jena binaries please see:

* Source code for the release

The signed source code of this release is available at:

and the signed master source for all Apache Jena releases is available

== Contributing

If you would like to help out, a good place to look is the list of
unresolved JIRA at:

or review pull requests at

or drop into the dev@ list.

We use github pull requests and other ways for accepting code:

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