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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Jena 3.9.0
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2018 13:32:53 GMT

The Apache Jena development community is pleased to announce the release 
of Apache Jena 3.9.0!

      The Apache Jena development community

== Key features of the release

JIRA completed this release:

= Fuseki servers: "full" and "main"

The Fuseki server, embedded form, is renamed "main". The webapp version 
with UI and administration is known as "full". There are changes in the 
structure of maven modules Fuseki.

The download "apache-jena-fuseki", the full server, in standalone and 
war file form, is unchanged.

The maven module name "jena-fuseki-server" is repurposed to be the 
combined jar for the "main" server (was "embedded") reflecting its use 
for environments where a UI is not required and/or where administration 
is done externally (e.g. as a service in cloud environments).

= JIRA of note:

Provide per-graph access control in Fuseki

Deleting dataset in Fuseki does not delete dataset permanently

Fuseki2(full): docker: Redirected ports lead to wrong URLs.

Remove the jena-fuseki1 distribution (the jar is still available)

Remove the jena-sdb distribution (the jar is still available)

= Upgrades to libraries (runtime dependencies):

JSON-LD                  0.12.0 -> 0.12.1
Jetty                    9.4.7.v20170914 -> 9.4.12.v20180830

This version of jetty includes some fixes to CVEs.

== Obtaining Apache Jena 3.9.0

* Via

The main jars and their dependencies can used with:


Full details of all maven artifacts are described at:

* As binary downloads

Apache Jena libraries are available as a binary distribution of
libraries. For details of a global mirror copy of Jena binaries please see:

* Source code for the release

The signed source code of this release is available at:

and the signed master source for all Apache Jena releases is available

== Contributing

If you would like to help out, a good place to look is the list of
unresolved JIRA at:

or review pull requests at

or drop into the dev@ list.

We use github pull requests and other ways for accepting code:

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