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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Jena 3.8.0
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2018 09:44:54 GMT
The Apache Jena development community is pleased to announce the release 
of Apache Jena 3.8.0!

== Key features of the release

JIRA completed this release:


Xerces dependency removed.  Jena no longer depends on Xerces which should 
avoid classpath compatibility issues with environments that provide Xerces. This
also resolves a known security vulnerability with Xerces.

JENA-1488, JENA-1556

Text Search and Indexing enhancements for better multilingual support.  See the
updated documentation for details:


Some package renaming and Automatic-Module-Name's for JPMS compatibility

This may require changes to advanced users who make changes to the Jena system initialization,
see the following for details:


Improved bulk loader for TDB2, alternative bulk loading schemes that are more friendly
for environments with non-dedicated workloads i.e. more efficient bulk loading without
dominating machine resources.


Support for bz2 compressed inputs and outputs


TBD2 now available via Fuseki command line and UI

= Upgrades to libraries (runtime dependencies):

- Apache Commons Compress 1.17 (JENA-1554)

- json-ld java 0.12.0
- Jackson 2.9.5
- Apache HTTP Client 4.5.5
- Apache HTTP Core 4.4.9
- Awaitility 3.1.0
- Guava 24.1-jre (NB - Guava is shaded)

- Xerces (see JENA-1537)

== Obtaining Apache Jena 3.8.0

* Via

The main jars and their dependencies can used with:


Full details of all maven artifacts are described at:

* As binary downloads

Apache Jena libraries are available as a binary distribution of
libraries. For details of a global mirror copy of Jena binaries please see:

* Source code for the release

The signed source code of this release is available at:

and the signed master source for all Apache Jena releases is available

== Contributing

If you would like to help out, a good place to look is the list of
unresolved JIRA at:

or review pull requests at

or drop into the dev@ list.

We use github pull requests and other ways for accepting code:

      The Apache Jena development community

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