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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Jena 3.7.0
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2018 22:36:59 GMT

The Apache Jena development community is pleased to announce the release 
of Apache Jena 3.7.0!

== Key features of the release

JIRA completed this release:

** Java9 : Running on a Java9 JVM is now supported.
            The language requirement remains at Java8.

JENA-1507: Changes to GROUP BY when the WHERE pattern has no results.
No rows are output when SELECT ...WHERE {.. } GROUP BY has no matches.

JENA-1461: Allow ARQ custom functions to be written in JavaScript

JENA-1501: The Fuseki server distribution now contains a systemd init 
file "fuseki.service" as a starting point. This file may need to be 
customized to the local environment.  Instructions are in the file.

== API

This release is not binary compatible (NB Release are not guaranteed to 
be binary compatible, nor is mix-and-match versions of jars supported).

This time there are specific API changes:

JENA-1389: Return `this` rather than `void` from Dataset
JENA-1495: PR#368 "Return Model from PrefixMapping methods"

== Other

JENA-1453 - Lucene indexes using a graph field are smaller

This release includes updates to the Jena Lucene integration that 
reduces the size of the documents indexed by Lucene and reduces the size 
of the resulting indexes. Re-indexing is not necessary as the changes 
are compatible with existing indexes. Additionally, there is an optional 
output argument for text:query that allows to retrieve the graph that 
contains a result triple. See the updated

JENA-1391: Add methods for ModelCollectors to API in ModelUtils

JENA-1458, JENA-1483: Transaction Promotion

The fully transactional storage (TDB, TIM,TDB2) now support transaction 
promotion from "read" to "write", reducing the need for write 
transactions when they may not be needed.

JENA-1492: Transactions now passed down for nested models.
Transaction are now passed through to the transactional storage in 
complex setups of models built from other models, for example, inference 
models assembly from base models for data.

JENA-1490: Working with Blank Nodes with Fuseki
The new RDFConnectionFuseki provides better working with SPARQL when the 
server is Fuseki. This includes round trip working with blank nodes.

JENA-1482: Robustness checks for (mis)use of TDB
Additional checking for internal problems in TDB databases.

JENA-1516: Fix to TDB/ObjectFileStorage for high load concurrency issue.
This does not affect on-disk data.

JENA-1435: Provide extensibility of Fuseki with new services.
It is now possible to add custom services to a Fuseki service, not just 
the services provided by the Fuseki distribution.

= Upgrades to libraries (runtime dependencies):

No changes in dependencies.

== Obtaining Apache Jena 3.7.0

* Via

The main jars and their dependencies can used with:


Full details of all maven artifacts are described at:

* As binary downloads

Apache Jena libraries are available as a binary distribution of
libraries. For details of a global mirror copy of Jena binaries please see:

* Source code for the release

The signed source code of this release is available at:

and the signed master source for all Apache Jena releases is available

== Contributing

If you would like to help out, a good place to look is the list of
unresolved JIRA at:

or review pull requests at

or drop into the dev@ list.

We use github pull requests and other ways for accepting code:

      The Apache Jena development community

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