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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Jena 2.7.2 and Jena Fuseki 0.2.3 releases
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 15:33:09 GMT
We are pleased to announce Apache Jena 2.7.2 and Jena Fuseki 0.2.3.

This is primarily a maintenance release to address the issue of 
excessive logging in Fuseki when used with transactional TDB.

It does also include improvements in ARQ contributed to the project.

The website for Apache Jena is

== Mailing lists

The new list name is
Send email to  to subscribe.

See also:

== About This Release

Download Mirrors:

Master site:

= File Downloads

The main download files are:

.tar.gz forms are also available.

These include Jena, ARQ and all dependent jars.

= Maven artifacts

Jena is also distributed as artifacts available in the maven central 

Artifacts in this release:

org.apache.jena  jena-core      2.7.2
org.apache.jena  jena-arq       2.9.2
org.apache.jena  jena-iri       0.9.2
org.apache.jena  jena-tdb       0.9.2
org.apache.jena  jena-parent    2


The Fuseki release is also in maven.

for full details.

==== Release Features:

== ARQ 2.9.2

+ Significant speed-up of MINUS queries (JENA-266) - contribution from 
Paul Gearon (@quoll).
+ Log warning messages generated by failures in SERVICE clauses now 
include the URI of the service that failed (JENA-269) - suggestion by 
Claude Warren
+ Support for dynamic function invocation built-in CALL() when using ARQ 

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