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From john.calcote@gmail.com <john.calc...@gmail.com>
Subject hgst hcp server returning 500 internal server error
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2018 05:19:15 GMT
Hi Andrew,

I know it's not your business to support HCP, but I'm hoping you've seen this sort of thing
in the past and know of a possible fix/work-around for it. I've got a little test program
that connects to an HGST HCP cloud server and sends a single file - no matter what settings
I use, I get back a 500 internal server error (with no error details, of course). The configuration
is an SSL connection using https and port 443. I had handshake fatal alerts from the server
when I ran it on windows, but moving my program to a RedHat 7.3 system got me past the SSL
connection issues. Now I just see that 500 internal server error when trying to putBlob. Note
that I do a removeBlob first, and that succeeds (though it's likely the blob is not there).
I've also tried several different content forms, including stream, string, byte array, etc.

Do you know of any special configuration that must be used with HCP?

(It might also interest you to know, if you don't already, that HCP returns an empty entity
on this error, which jclouds attempts to parse as XML with a SAX parser. This generates a
stack trace in the log. It's incidental, but you might want to try to do a little pre-checking
of the content before attempting to parse it with SAX. Just a thought.)

Thanks in advance,
John Calcote
Hammerspace, Inc.

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