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From Jean Helou <s...@byjean.eu>
Subject NullPointer in BlobStore#streamBlob using RegionScopedSwiftBlobStore (2.1.1)
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2018 09:33:48 GMT

I am currently working on integrating JClouds to create a blobstore storage
for apache james. I noticed that using

    blobStore.streamBlob("container", "wrongid");

yields a NullPointerException when trying to access a blob which doesn't
exist. The NPE is raised in RegionScopedSwiftBlobStore when the streamBlob
method tries to read the blob metadata.

I think it should null check and return null or an empty inputstream but
not raise an NPE

see https://github.com/jclouds/jclouds

for now I work around by using


doing the nullcheck myself and then getting the inputstream from the blob's

best regards,

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